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                                                                                   Dongguan City, China Qi Detection Instrument Co., Ltd.: temperature and humidity chamber, high and low temperature, thermal shock chambers, isothermal chamber, rapid temperature changes chamber, three comprehensive experimental boxes, walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber, aging room, salt spray test machine, aging chamber, temperature test chamber, vibration test series, composite vibration test machine and steam aging test machine ‥, technical standards have been overridden imported products. Customer is throughout the world, including: photovoltaic industry, telecommunications industry, the semiconductor industry, the electrical motor industry, the aerospace industry, auto industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, academic and research institutions and other businesses, in conjunction with the domestic industry development policy and trends, Hua Qi constantly develop new products in recent years, is to have more opportunities in high-tech industries and biotechnology industries, with a deep competitive nature of the industry! Here, we would like to thank our new and old customers over the years China Qi support and trust!

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